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reality, redefined.

Produced along with technology masters Grand Visual out of London, the InfraRed crew provided the production support for the Santa Monica side of this London-to-L.A. viral video campaign for the movie Dr. Strange.


Unsuspecting shoppers were surprised by an interactive kiosk that could open "portals" across the Atlantic, which allowed users on both ends to interact with each other and explore the world of Marvel's Dr. Strange.

an intergalactic dance party

Another co-production with Grand Visual, the InfraRed crew provided the production and post-production support for a global dance-off promoting the Marvel film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.


Interactive kiosks were set up at a Comicon in Adelaide, Australia, and at a movie theater in Mexico City. Users could engage in a dance-off with each other and with characters from the film.

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